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I haven't got round to setting up this web site properly yet.

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In the meantime why not take a look at a few cheap deals on mobile and internet communications which I have found:

For reviews of the UK's braodband ISP's take a look at www.broadband-help.com

For reviews of the latest DSL modems take a look at www.adslguide.org.uk

For cheap deals on mobile phone contracts, which are often cheaper than pay-as-you-go phones, then take a look at Mobiles Made Easy or some of the other SIM only offerings from other companies listed at www.hairydog.co.uk
The only drawback is that to keep getting the cheap deals you will need to change your contract every year, but that's no problem if you have a lifetime phone number. You don't even need to own a phone to have a lifetime number, as its only a call forwarding service which you simply have all calls diverted to any chosen number for as long as you want. Every year when I change my mobile phone contract I simply divert my lifetime number to the new mobile number.
Companies such as www.flextel.com will sell you the number for as little as £10 and you pay nothing more for the rest of your life (except the cost of a few seconds phone call, text message, or internet dialup to change the chosen number). Other companies are also listed at www.hairydog.co.uk

Click here for some silly games.

Here is a great spoof of George W Bush's state of the union speach!
NB: It will take 8½ minutes to download via ADSL and ¾hour on a modem.

Here is a free legal advice line for matters relating to children from the university of Essex. Also, here is a list of other organisations which might be able to help, and one of them also includes an Excel spreadsheet which you can use to calculate what your CSA payments should be.

If there are a suggestion or correction that could be made to this web site, then send me an email and I'll take a look into it.